2 Hip Walk.

16:00 - 18:00
U2 Krieau, Ausgang: Trabrenn Strasse, 1020 Wien

Vienna’s Second District is changing fast. The Green Party leads the local government, and many new bars and restaurants have moved in. But rents remain lower than in other parts of central Wien, and the neighbourhood has a lively mix of people. Ultra-Orthodox Jews live alongside students from the new WU campus, and hipsters with the original working-class inhabitants. The Donaukanal street art scene is a catwalk for the whole city, and mostly has no pressure to consume – you can bring your own drinks.

The magdas Hotel, Supersense, Graetzlhotel and Sofitel represent interesting, innovative approaches to business in the district, and Cafe Ansari is a new-school Vienna coffeehouse, with a Georgian twist.

This walk is part of the funky Wir sind Wien – Festival der Bezirke!