17:00 - 20:00
U2 Seestadt, Ausgang: Wangari_Maathai Platz, 1220 Wien

Vienna is

But it is also much too grey, lacks free wifi coverage, with many surfaces made of hot or cold concrete, the lake is not really a lake at all (not yet), and lacks Willkommenskultur. Most Viennese have never been here, and we want to change that.
Vienna is growing fast – at least the population – and we need lots of new housing. One of the attractive innovations here is that so many architects live in their own building, and most adult residents offer 11 hours per month of their skills to their house neighbours, to create more dialogue and support (plus cheaper living) inside each block. Also decision-making for neighbours is pioneering more engagement and openness. This is an optimistic, utopian, dynamic place to live, which residents enjoy, and want to communicate to the rest of Vienna.

At the same time, we will look at the context of Aspern and Donaustadt, how this part of the city fits into the bigger picture, who lives here, and how the challenges of building a new quarter are being resolved (including the Stadtstrasse and Lobau controversy). How can we sense the past of this adventurous development (as an airport and then empty fields)? How could it be improved? Of course the project is not finished, and it will take time for all the residents, buildings, travel infrastructure and trees to grow, and the stories to be told.
Vienna walking Week, which this tour is part of, is our attempt to re-think tourism and what a Vienna summer means. We want to show how exotic, new and strange Vienna can be, so that more people think about taking holidays near their own home.