The Invisible Smart City

14:30 - 17:00
Start: U2 Krieau (Ausgang: Krieau); Ende: Karmelitermarkt, 1020 Wien

Connected, intelligent, innovative, creative, inclusive and sustainable – these are the buzzwords of a smart future. Smarter cities are about making citizens’ life easier, faster, smoother and greener.

On this colourful walk in the fast-changing, northern Leopoldstadt district, we’ll explore the racial & social mix in this inner-city district, a new-school coffeehouse with an ethnic twist, an analogue museum, how Vienna rents are controlled, visit green space, look at waste collection, the innovative public transport system, a project to turn empty shops into tourist rooms, funky new university design, a legal graffiti project, and also how tax is used to stop street markets getting too fancy.

Meet: U2 Krieau (exit: Krieau), ending Karmelitermarkt
2.5 hours
Walk leader: Eugene Quinn
in English or German