What Christmas means for Atheists

13 - 15.15

Christmas is a time of rituals – and many people find social rituals attractive and valuable. A festival of light, of peace and togetherness. Christmas is the most romantic time of year. It breaks the rhythm of the year, and is very distinctive. It is a time to remember some things, and to forget others. We are all allowed to dream a little, to make family walks, dance and giggle. We cook together, read to each other, watch films as a family, and reflect on the year that’s past. It’s a time for children, and for adults to be more like kids: presents, sleeping more, playing, singing, cosiness and closeness, simpler days, working less, excited anticipation, of time slowing down, going to lots of parties, and being more silly than usual. And on this tour, you will look at what makes a Vienna Christmas special and distinctive.