Die Tore der Stadt

12:00 - 21:00
Hauptbahnhof, Bahnsteig 12, 1100 Wien

Wie heißt Wien seine Besucher willkommen, was ist der erste Eindruck? Warum sieht die Peripherie manchmal so trostlos aus? Eugene Quinn führt mit seinem ganz eigenen Zugang zu den vielen Toren Wiens.
Hotline für Nachzügler: 0680/1254354

10 Urban Walks

When most people in Vienna think about going for a walk, they immediately focus on places to go and get fresh air and relax (Prater, Schoenbrunn, Wienerwald). We do not. Why should walking be associated with grass and trees, instead of architecture and people and LIFE? We want to take Vienna on some urban adventures, into public space and innovation and lively groups of people coming together for good conversation and discovery.

We will be having all-night adventures, discovering the tribes of Danube Island, looking at Willkommenskultur in summer 2016, connecting the football architecture of the city before Austria’s first match in France, and smelling Vienna.

And because every person has stories to tell, these walks will not be led by anybody. We invite you to bring your own geschichte to share with us.

Our city is not a dusty museum or a waltzing chocolate cake, but the best city in the world to live. Come and explore it in more depth.